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Academic Organization

As International Student you can attend any course you like from the whole offer of courses at EPI. However, you must be careful when choosing your courses, as some of them could be incompatible. Why? Because class sessions times may overlap.

We strongly recommend our international students to create their own weekly schedule/timetable for the semester containing all class sessions the student plans to attend BEFORE arriving in Gijón. Please, try to fill in this timetable template. Once you arrive in Gijón, go to the International Relations Office to register yourself as an international student at the University of Oviedo, and give them this timetable so they can register you to the groups indicated in that timetable.

Where is the information about the weekly schedule for a given degree? Go to he main menu "Grados y Másteres" (Bacherlor and Master's degrees). Then choose the degree you like and go to the tab called "Información Académica". There you will find a section labelled "Horarios" (Horarios = Timetable). For every year ("Primero" = First year; "Segundo"= second year; "Tercero" = third year; and "Cuarto" = Fourth year) you can find two semesters ("Semestre 1" = Autumn/Fall Semester; "Semestre 2" = Spring semester). For every semester you can find several groups labelled with a capital letter ("A", "B", etc). All those groups are taught through Spanish. Only the groups labelled with "Ing" + "Capital Letter" are taught either partially or completely through English.

Timetable Section Example for the BSc in Mechanical Engineering

We know that understanding the timetables is not easy. We would like to help you. Bellow you can find a picture of a time table similar to those that you will be able to download when following the previous links, to which we have added some keys to help you understand it. First of all, you must pay attetion to the course name (abreviated), the type of course, the day of the week, and the class hour.

Timetable explanation

There are four different types of classes:

  • TE = Theory classes. Black colour
  • PA = Problem classes. Blue colour
  • PL = Laboratory/hands on classes. Red colour
  • TG = Group Tutoring/Mentoring clases. Purple colour

In the column "Semanas" (semanas = weeks), you will find the number of the weeks when each type of class will occur. if the word "TODAS" (todas = all) appears, then it means that this class will be taught every week of the semester.

The name of each course in the timetable appears abbreviated for the sake ok space. In the timetable document you will find a table linking every course name in Spanish to its translation into English and its corresponding abbreviation.

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