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Regarding liabilty and accident insurances, although international students are covered by the general liability and accident insurances from the Univresity of Oviedo, maybe you would like to hire a private one your own.

Spanish National Health Care Service

The Spanish National Health Care Service is universal and free for EU citizens. It is organised in three diferent levels of assitance:

  1. First level: There is a network of Health Care Centres spread all over the city. The Spanish name for these centres is "Centro de Salud" (also known as "Centro de Atención Primaria" or "Ambulatorio"). The name for this doctos in Spanish is "Médico de Familia" (family doctor).
  2. Second level: Specialist physicians. Youn can only access this service if you are sent by your family doctor. So you first need to go to your "Centro de Salud" to tell your problem to the family doctor. If she/he considers that she/he cannot help you, she(he will send you to the specialist physician. Tis type of doctors are not inended for casualty or emergencies, but for chronic matters.
  3. Third level: Hospitals. In case of emergency/casualty, ask a taxi to take you to "Hospital de Cabueñes". This is the biggest public hospital in the city (close to the campus). "Hospital de Jove" is also a public hospital in the city, but it is smaller thatn Cabueñes.

"Hospital de Begoña", "Hospital de la Cruz Roja", and "Sanatorio Covadonga" are private hospitals. If you go there, you may have to pay for your treatment even if you are a EU citizen, unless you have a private medic insurance.

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